Team Healthcare is a group of non-denominational evangelical Christians wholly committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in underprivileged areas of the world through medical, dental, and construction missions.

Team Healthcare was organized in 1995 when a small team of doctors and helpers visited Robins Bay in Jamaica to do a free clinic. Since then, the team has completed numerous trips to Jamaica, Honduras, Peru, Brazil, Rwanda, Kenya, and the Philippines. While Team Healthcare has traditionally been a ministry of short-term mission teams, we are excited about sending our first full term missionaries to Mali, West Africa in 2013.

our mission
Healthcare for the poor
Through medical, dental, and optical mobile clinics

Through one-on-one, door-to-door visitation, and clinic based evangelism opportunities

Mission Field exposure
For Christians from a variety of churches and denominations

Support of Christian ministries
Through construction initiatives and the mobilization of work teams

TeamHealthcare Statement of Faith